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Zeolite Detox Powder Sorbolit by TODICAMP® - 454 Days Supply

Zeolite Detox Powder Sorbolit by TODICAMP® - 454 Days Supply

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  • Our Ultra Fine 1-2 μm Pure Zeolite Detox Powder, due to its highest absorption capacity, immediately absorbs all toxins, eliminating any negative effects your body is experiencing, making it a rescue cleanse. You will definitely feel the cleanse your body needs.


  • Moving through the gastrointestinal tract, Sorbolit Zeolite Clinoptilolite absorbs all the toxins and deposits, and regulates the metabolism in the large and small intestines. Sorbolit affects the anaerobic fermentation processes and reduces bloating, which makes it a perfect colon cleanse supplement.


  • The zeolite crystal surface is negatively charged, making it a rich electron donor that helps neutralize positively charged unstable atoms in the cells. Zeolite Powder stimulates cell protection enzymes - superoxide dismutation and glutathione. 
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Customer Reviews

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Great product

Zeolite has many purposes and health benefits. I bind this with juiced celery everyday for breakfast and have seen my health improvements

G. Roo
works very well

Works very well

Great value!

I started with zeolite capsules and I found them extremely helpful with detoxing heavy metals. So, I ordered this powder because of the value. Loving this stuff even more in larger doses.

Get rid of the everyday toxins!

Zeolite Supplement will help you to get rid of the toxins, that we consume every day even with the regular food we eat! Sorbolit Detox is capable of absorbing and eliminating deposits stocked in the body for decades!

How to take Zeolite Capsules?

The best time to take your Zeolite Detox Capsules is before breakfast with a full glass of warm water. However, you could take it anytime that suits you. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

  • Your 3 day cleanse results.

    Sorbolit Zeolite Supplement is a molecular sieve, that works at the cellular detox level. On the initial 3 day detox cleanse stage, Zeolite Powder Detox is able to remove 60% of toxins and harmful particles accumulated in the body over the years.

  • Your 7 day cleanse results.

    Around 85% of toxins could be eliminated from the body following the 7 day detox program with our Sorbolit mega clean detox supplement. At this point kidney cleanse is activated and Zeolite Detox is the reason to that.

  • Your 21 day cleanse results.

    Sorbolit effectively reduces the level of transaminases, reduces the liver load, protects, and stabilizes the liver cell membrane. As a result, Sorbolit Zeolite Powder stimulates the liver to cleanse and liver regeneration.

  • Your 10 day detox results.

    Starting with the 10th day, Sorbolit will be eliminating the deposits formed over decades all over your body. The main cleaning process starts from bodies biggest absorption organ - the colon. Even though the gut detox process starts from day 1, Zeolite benefits the super colon cleanse process for the whole period of your detox program.