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Fadogia Agrestis with Tongkat Ali Longjack by TODICAMP

Fadogia Agrestis with Tongkat Ali Longjack by TODICAMP

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Fadogia Agrestis Supplement: 

  • Fadogia agrestis plant, the common name Fadogia, is used in traditional medicine all over the world to enhance performance in both men and women. Studies show, that fadogia agrestis extract in form of fadogia supplement, is a high source of components, that could increase your energy levels, enhance workout performance, and increase your focus, muscle gain, and overall well-being.

Tongkat Ali Supplement:

  • The plant Eurycoma longifolia is the source of tongkat ali extract, commonly referred to as Longjack or tongkat ali root. According to studies on the tongkat ali benefits, daily supplementation with tongkat ali root extract enhances the stress hormone profile and some mood state parameters, indicating that this "ancient" remedy may be a useful strategy for protecting the body from the damaging effects of "modern" stress, which may include everyday stress, the stress of dieting, sleep deprivation, and workout stress.


  • Tongkat ali or fadogia agrestis? Our combination of pure Fadogia agrestis 600mg and tongkat ali 400 mg will give you synergy of these undoubtedly beneficial supplements. Tongkat ali and fadogia agrestis may help you boost energy and performance,  increase mental performance and support mood levels, control your hormonal balance, and improve cardio and respiratory health, improve muscle function and protein intake. Fadogia agrestis and tongkat ali is your must-have supplement for both performance and mood!
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Customer Reviews

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pat kubel

I haven’t received my order yet…

This product Fadogia Agrestis is working!

I tried this Fadogia Agrestis and are thrilled to say it is working wonderfully!! Any male with an ED issue should give it a try.

Drive and stamina.

I feel really great after taking it and my drive is insane. The taste is ok and Im going to continue taking it because it works.

Sam Young
Great Results

I was incredibly moody and was struggling with brain fog when I decided to give this a shot. My mood and multi-tasking ability returned after 2 weeks. Its been great.

Harrison King
Great healthy energy booster

I was looking for a healthy energy booster with fast and long-lasting results and came across this amazing product. It has given me great relief and post-workout results have increased my performance.

  • Is it a perfect combination? Yes.

    Fadogia agrestis and tongkat ali extract both offer favorable effects on your body that are bioavailable. Our supplement can increase your energy levels, assist athletic performance, improve your memory, and improve your mood by combining these herbs. We source these extracts from reputable vendors for your safety and peace of mind, and each new batch is examined in an independent laboratory. Once the test is successful, we produce our Fadogia supplement with tongkat ali in a GMP-certified facility to deliver you the best quality possible.

  • What are these plants?

    - Indochina, Indonesia, and the Philippines are home to the herb tongkat ali, or Eurycoma longifolia. Longjack is another name for this thin shrub, whose root has been used in Southeast Asian traditional medicine. The roots of tongkat ali, a plant indigenous to these areas, were used to improve health and to increase overall performance.

    - South and central Africa are home to the blooming plant known as Fadogia agrestis. Natives have traditionally utilized the stems to treat male dysfunctions and improve performance.